ClassInFocus is an online multimedia classroom platform for deaf and hard of hearing students to access remote interpreters and captioners and improve their visual access to live, in-person classes.

The ClassInFocus research project is part of the DHH Cyber Community and is in collaboration with University of Washington, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.


Diagram showing ClassInFocus with remote interpreters and captioners.


Demo of ClassInFocus being used by students. Video hosted from YouTube.

Screen Shot

Screen shot of ClassInFocus used for pilot study.

Screen capture of ClassInFocus showing the slides, presenter, interpreter, and captions.


Richard LadnerUniversity of Washington
Anna Cavender University of Washington
Shaun Kane University of Washington
Bill ClymerNTID/RIT
Stephanie LudiNTID/RIT
Pam SiebertNTID/RIT and IBM
Raja KushalnagarNTID/RIT
Jeff BighamUniversity of Rochester
Katie SullivanOlin University

Contact Us

For more information, contact Anna Cavender ( or Richard Ladner (

ClassInFocus is part of the DHH Cyber Community research project at the University of Washington and is funded by the National Science Foundation with gifts from Adobe, Google, IBM, and Microsoft.